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Verkaufe Kollmanation Dualverzerrer. Wahrscheinlich einer der bester Zerrer am Markt. Hab ich aus USA kommen lassen.
Acclaimed L.A.-based guitarist Jeff Kollman (Bombastic Meatbats, Cosmosquad, Glenn Hughes, Mogg/Way) is proud to unveil his first ever signature pedal. Hand wired with only the best components, the Kollmanation was developed by Kollman in conjunction with noted tone guru Tim Jauernig, designer of the Gristle King and the Luxury Drive among others, with the goal of capturing Kollman’s signature tone in a box.

Kollman states: “We’ve been tweaking tones for months now and finally have captured an explosive tone that’s sounds great in front of Fender, Marshall and Vox type amps. And it’s two rad pedals in one box with the option of switching the order or playing both pedals together!”

Adds Jauernig: “The Kollmanation was designed for Jeff to be able to capture a variety of the tones he often uses. He is known for his eclectic style that ranges from country tinges all the way to face melting shred, and usually all at the same time. All with a feel and tone that is unique and totally his own. The challenge was to be able to make it so that those tones could be had with a variety of amplifiers that are often encountered when one plays for a living, travels, and you never know what the backline company might throw at you. With that in mind, it was decided we need two voices.”
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